10 Beautiful Photos to Inspire You to Visit Pitigliano In Tuscany, Italy


The town of Pitigliano located south of Montepulciano, and not too far from the thermal mineral waters of Bagno San Filippo, recreates a three dimensional historic timeline spanning from the Bronze Age to the ravages of World War II.

The quaint old town is known as the little Jerusalem, for the historical presence of a Jewish community that has always been well integrated into the social context and that has its own synagogue.

Pitigliano is home to a series of artificial cuts into the tufa rock to varying depths ranging from less than 1 metre  to over 10 metres . At the bottom of these cuts are carved channels, apparently for water, although some take the form of steps.

This fascinating town rests on top of a cliff and exudes a romantic and mysterious air. It unfolds along the ridge with narrow, almost-secret alleys and opens into little overlooks. Beneath are age-old wine cellars carved right into the rock on which Pitigliano is built, with a network of secret tunnels and intersecting chambers. The stuff of fantasy and epic films!


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