12 Of The Stupidest Reasons To Ask For A Divorce


12. Woman Leaves Husband Because of His Video Game Addiction

 When most people think of addiction, they often associate alcohol, painkillers, cigarettes and gambling with it. However, in recent times, video game addiction has become a serious problem for many people, especially for younger men. In fact, many marriages and relationships falter because of it.

One London woman said that her husband played computer games such as World of WarCraft, over eight hours a day. She constantly called him out on it, and eventually it came to a point where she just couldn’t take it anymore. This kicks off at number twelve because video game addiction is relatively common, and it has hindered many marriages.  

11. Wife Leaves Husband For Being Too Nice

In a 2011 episode of Divorce Court, a woman complained to the judge that her husband was being too nice too her. After hearing this, the judge gave her a baffled look. The judge called the wife ungrateful and self-centered, lecturing her on not realizing how good a man she had. While this reason does sound silly, it’s not placed higher on this list because she most likely perceived her husband as boring. Perhaps she needed to have more passion in her life, and she knew her husband wasn’t able to provide that for her. A passionless marriage is an unhappy marriage.

10. Woman Divorces Husband Because He Forbid Her to Watch Soap Operas

An Indian woman left her significant other because he forbid her from watching her favorite television shows. At first, the couple would get into constant arguments about it. Although, after a while, when the arguments became too much to bear, she decided to leave him. While this was an unusual reason to leave someone, having an overly demanding spouse can undoubtedly be very stressful, and it can have a detrimental effect on a marriage.

Again, she did try to compromise with her husband, but her husband would not oblige. If you can’t reach a compromise, your marriage will not work.

9. A Couple Gets Divorced Because Of 50 Shades Of Grey

A woman divorced her man because of their boring love life. Doesn’t that sound like a legit reason to dissolve a marriage? She felt that her husband wasn’t paying enough attention to her, and was planning on spicing up their love life. Unfortunately, nothing she did seemed to work. The final straw came when her husband yelled at her for reading the book, Fifty Shades of Grey. She wanted to replicate scenarios in the bedroom that were portrayed in the book. Unfortunately, this didn’t go as planned. When he refused to compromise with her, she left him. The first Fifty Shades of Grey movie is currently in theaters, and it has enjoyed great financial success.

8. Husband Divorces Wife Via Facebook Post

Yet another marriage that was ruined because of social media. A woman named Emma Brady learned that her husband was leaving her from something he posted on Facebook.

Not only that, she wasn’t even the first person to learn about the divorce! Before Brady knew what hit her, a friend of hers called her to console her about the breakup. At first, Emma Brady was baffled, then felt humiliated. That said, the marriage disintegrated after that. What is the lesson here? If you want to get a divorce, your spouse should probably be the first person that hears about it.

7. Husband Cleaned Too Much 

A German woman divorced her significant other for his incessant cleaning. Wouldn’t most women appreciate it if their husbands cleaned and tidied up the house? Well, I guess not. As it turns out, the man was so fixated with cleaning, he actually knocked down a wall for being dirty and he rebuilt it. Now, we all understand that everyone has their own idiosyncrasies, but tearing down a wall for just being dirty? We think that’s a bit much.

What’s the lesson here? If you don’t like or even tolerate each other’s quirks, there is no chance the relationship will work.   

6. Wife Divorces Man Over His Relationship Status On Facebook

Did you know that Facebook plays a significant role in approximately 20% of all divorces? A woman actually divorced her husband because he never changed his relationship status to “married” on Facebook. The man simply told the court that he didn’t think to, and that they had only been married for a few short months. For the record, his wife admitted that she didn’t trust him (we think that may have a little more to do with the reason for wanting a divorce).

In all honesty though, if she did not trust him, then why on earth did she marry him in the first place? Again, serious matters should not be discussed on social media sites!

5. A Couple’s Parrot Rats Out Husband’s Infidelities 

Back in 2001, a Chinese woman suspected that her spouse was cheating on her because their parrot was constantly repeating several phrases of the husband’s various telephone conversations with his lover.

Apparently, the wife was visiting her parents for a full month, and when she got back, the parrot uttered words such as: “divorce”, “I love you” and “be patient”. She knew something was amiss, so she decided to divorce him. What did we learn here? If you want it to be a secret, never say anything in front of a parrot.     

4. Man Lost His Wife Over A Game Of Cards

Betting money on a card game is perfectly normal for a lot of people. Betting your wife on a card game on the other hand, is kind of (a lot) messed up.

A Russian man named Andrei Karpov bet his wife on a game of poker and lost. When his wife found out about it, she was so infuriated with him that she decided to leave him. Not only that, the wife actually started a relationship with the man that beat her ex-husband in the card game! When someone bets their spouse on a card game, they do not deserve any sympathy. Sadly, this isn’t the most shocking reason for a divorce.

3. Wife Leaves Husband Over The Movie Frozen

The movie, Frozen was one of the biggest movies over the past year. Many people really enjoyed the movie. Although this situation is a little different than the rest. One woman was seemingly obsessed with the film, so she coerced her husband into watching it. When her husband told her that he was apathetic toward the movie, she became very upset. The wife told him that because he could not see why the movie was so great, there must be something wrong with him as a human being. For the record, the husband said that there were not any significant problems with their marriage in the few years they had been together. The wife simply could not let it go.

2. Wife Divorces Husband Because Their Baby Has Down Syndrome

While most of these reasons on this list are silly and comical, this reason is just downright cruel. When Samuel Forest witnessed the birth of his son, he knew that his life would change forever. When he found out that his newborn son was born with down syndrome, he still vowed to keep him.

However, his wife had other plans. She told him if he kept the baby, she would leave him. A week after the baby’s birth, she filed for divorce. Since then, Samuel Forest has started a GoFundMe campaign called “Bring Leo Home.” Ever since this story got released, Samuel Forest’s ex-wife has been highly criticized on social media (we certainly see why).

1. Wife Found Out Husbands Unpleasant Nickname For Her

Having cute nicknames for your significant other is very common. Some adorable nicknames include: muffin, darling, honey bunny, angel and pookie.

Most people would not mind giving or having a nickname like that from their spouse, right? What if your spouse nicknamed you Guantanamo? Yep, that is the reality for a Saudi Arabian woman. One day, she noticed that her husband left his phone at home, and for some odd reason, she called his cell phone and noticed that her name came up as Guantanamo. Yep, her spouse nicknamed her after one of the most notorious prisons in the world. Perhaps his nickname for her is a metaphor for being like a dictator. After many years of marriage, she decided to grant a divorce.

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