15 Beautiful Wrestler Girls


Major Gunns

Misfits In Action was a terrible stable made primarily of puns so bad they ruined careers. Still, it was almost worth it, if only because it introduced the world to Major Gunns.


Michelle McCool

The bullying angle was far from cool, but at least Michelle looked good enough to raise the dead while reading terrible insults.



The leather-clad Lithuanian disappeared from WWE several years ago, and her fashion sense has been sorely missed.


Becky Lynch

The Irish Lasskicker is evolving as a wrestler at a rapid rate regardless of where WWE throws her, and she manages to defy physics by looking both hotter and cooler with every step of the metamorphosis.


Christy Hemme

The winner of the first televised diva search may not have lasted too long in WWE, but there’s a reason so many fans voted for her in the first place.


Candice Michelle

The Go Daddy Girl always left WWE fans feeling like they experienced a sugar rush.



Getting an ass kicking from Mil Muertes is definitely worth it if we get the lick of death from Catrina afterwards.



The jury is still out on The Miz, but his wife is awesome.



Let’s hope Brock Lesnar isn’t mad his wife isn’t number 1. Or that she’s on the list at all. We’re so sorry, Brock. Don’t hurt us.


Taryn Terrell

Terrell left wrestling for religious reasons in early 2016, but that hasn’t stopped her from being a total knockout.


Maria Kanellis

Fans think Maria’s still getting better every year as she passes her first decade in the business, but the really impressive thing is that she keeps getting hotter, too.


Alexa Bliss

There are plenty of reasons to watch NXT, but if you stopped watching now that Alexa moved up to SmackDown, we kind of get it.


Dawn Marie

Dawn Marie was fired from WWE when she was pregnant, and suffered one of the worst storylines in history with Al Wilson, but ECW fans at least got to see her true talents. And assets.


Carmella DeCesare

Carmella only lasted a few months in professional wrestling, but we’ll never forget what the other females in WWE at the time thought of her. We can’t reprint it without censoring every word, though, so why bother.


Stacy Keibler

Stacy left wrestling to become an actress who danced with the stars, but fans never forgot the weapon of mass seduction.


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