The 15 Secrets About Thinking Only A Handful Of People Know


1. We can’t control whether we think or not.

2. We have 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day.

3. Dangerous thoughts can cause mental illness.

4. If our thoughts are only ever made with love unconditionally and passion – we are free.

5. We can challenge our thoughts and therefore see the thoughts the way we want to.

6. Thoughts are not right just because we think them.

7. Question every negative thought you have and never let one pass without questioning it.

8. Byron Katie is famous for ‘The Work’ and this is a process of four -questions that challenge your negative thought. Katie’s worksheets are free to print.

9. Anxious thoughts come because we are trying to control a thought that is not our business – it is someone else’s and therefore in their control.

10. Our kids also need to know how to control their thoughts.

11. Everyone in the world is a beautiful person, know matter who they are or what they have done or not done.

12. We learn by what others do; whether it is positive or negative. If someone does a negative thing, then this is a great opportunity for us to learn what not to do!

13. No one is ever too old to really meditate on negative thoughts and turn them around.

14. I am not sure what the world would have done without Byron Katie.

15. Live and feel what you are doing right now; if you do things on autopilot then you are not living for the moment!


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