20 Fabulous Ideas for Showers That You Might Want to Sing Forever In

1. A waterfall shower, stone walls, and green flowers will bring true Zen.

2. A bathroom in the Victorian style will make your showers feel royal.

3. If you want to reunite yourself with nature, then this shower design is a good choice.

4. Marble stone and LED lights create a futuristic design that is very inviting.

5. You don’t need to travel far away from home to enjoy a waterfall. This shower makes all your dreams come true.

6. Why shower inside when you can shower in the jungle?

7. This dreamy and gentle shower interior is for true believers.

8. Dark colors with gold are always a good combination.

9. This is for those who are tired of monotonous patterns.

10. Steamy, simple, relaxing — the best place to go after a hard day of work.

11. Stone with blue lights recreates the feeling of the sea.

12. This bathroom makes it hard to choose: whether to relax under the running water or soak in a warm bath. Everything is so inviting.

13. This geode design will make your bathroom wall one of a kind.

14. If you can’t bring your shower outside, then bring nature inside.

15. A tranquil installation of cloud 9 marble and a decorative water jet mosaic in this steam shower creates a heavenly design.

16. Neon lights for real club lovers

17. This wide open window lets you soak in the view.

18. A classy and space saving shower

19. Here’s another variation of using marble to achieve a gorgeous design.

20. This open roof lets you enjoy some fresh air during your relaxing shower session.

21. Here you can choose to soak your feet or your whole body.

22. This Japanese style shower has a little touch from the Eastern world.

23. A glass roof will let the natural light in during the day and allow for an amazing star view at night.

Source: brightside.me


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