35 Hilarious Situations Only Parents Will Understand

Bright Side has collected photos depicting parents’ unvarnished lives with their restless kids.

“Parenting tiny humans summed up in one photo.”

Anything that can get stuck in hair will definitely get stuck in hair.

Because babies have their own beauty standards.

And fashion trends.

And their clothes literally burn.

Sometimes you even want to buy a device that can slow down your child.

And you know you’re a bad parent because you won’t let them take their scooter to bed with them.

You’re also a bad parent because you wouldn’t let them eat a lollipop after it dropped on the floor right next to a crusty piece of mud from outside.

Never lose your vigilance.

This mom has just bathed and changed her baby’s clothes. Guess what happens next?

If a child finds markers, they color all the walls.

…and themselves.

Your baby will start crying if their dad asks them to use a fork.

They’ll definitely like the taste of your lipstick.

And you’ll have to clean your sofa.

If they don’t eat, they definitely try.

You can hide flour as many times as you want, they’ll find it.

…as well as mom’s underwear.

They’ll make a mess.

“Put things where toddlers can’t reach them,” they said…

When your child cleans their room:

Sometimes you just want to take a photo. But you get this:

Or this:

Mom: “You’re so cute! Let me take a pic of you!”


They don’t really like each other.

But sometimes everything changes.

When a child gets too big for a stroller, they start using shopping carts.

No personal space

When you say it’s time to go to bed:

Really, why would you lay in your room with lullabies for a nap when you could lay on an economy pack of paper towels?

They don’t need a sofa either.

When you try to put your kids to bed:

Sometimes they aren’t satisfied.

And they literally stand on our heads.

You still love them to the Moon and back and they love you too.

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Source: brightside.me

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