35 Ways To Be A Better Person Today

35 Ways To Be A Better Person Today

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted”. ~ Aesop

People often view kindness as a sign of weakness. Being good has become a synonym to being weak or oversensitive. They fear that becoming better people will be a threat to their independence and sense of self-preservation, but, in reality, it’s exactly the opposite.

Doesn’t our true strength lie not in our unique and significant ability to make the world a better place? And how else could we do that if not by becoming better persons ourselves?

Be a better person today. Do something nice for somebody. Give for the sake of giving.

Here are 35 ways to become a better person today:

1. Create a free library to share your passion for reading and build a feeling of community in your neighborhood.
2. Bring homemade snacks to your coworkers.
3. Mow the lawn for an elderly neighbor.
4. Leave extra change in vending machines, so when somebody goes to grab a snack they discover it has already been paid for.
5. Write a letter of appreciation to a teacher or professor from your school days.
6. While in the heat of summer, leave cold drinks on your porch for the mailmen, garbage collectors, or whoever else comes by.
7. Offer to take your friend’s kids for a fun day out. Share a hobby with them while their mother and father enjoy a well-deserved break.
8. Visit a local charity’s fundraising event, instead of going to a pub as always.
9. Declutter your home. Donate the things you no more need to charity.
10. Send a handwritten card to your beloved grandparents.
11. Begin a meal train for a new mother, a grieving family, or anybody else who could use support.
12. Pick up litter you see on the road and throw it away.
13. Walk the dogs at your local animal shelter this morning.
14. Double your usual tip next time you go out to dinner.
15. Listen to a child’s stories. They love that.
16. Volunteer for a good cause.
17. Choose the smaller piece when you split a treat for two ore more people.
18. Take the more work when you split a task.
19. Write a letter of encouragement to somebody who needs it through this organization.
20. Drive safely and passively. Let everybody merge.
21. When you experience great customer service, let that person’s boss know it.
22. Pay for the person standing behind you in line at the drive-thru.
23. Decorate someone’s office or locker to celebrate their birthday.
24. Put some coins in a parking meter that has expired.
25. Forgive someone who has hurt you.
26. Introduce two friends you have always thought would get along together.
27. Bring some treats to a retirement home. Try to get to know the residents.
28. Hold the door for a stranger.
29. Have an extra umbrella at work. Maybe someone needs it.
30. Do a chore that usually falls to a family member or roommate.
31. Say you’re sorry and truly mean it.
32. Smile at a random stranger.
33. Call an old friend to see how they’re doing and ask about their day.
34. Compliment a friend for their outfit.
35. Control your annoyance or anger for things that aren’t truly important.

Source: thinkinghumanity.com

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