There Are 5 Different Ways Of Flirting According To Science

There Are 5 Different Ways Of Flirting According To Science

People flirt for various reasons. The first and most obvious is to show a sexual attraction. We often do this because we would like to build a romantic relationship with the other person. Other times, we are after something different. We flirt so that others like us. We flirt to make somebody feel important or to disarm them. We flirt to discover our sense of power, and sometimes to play with it. We mimic and exaggerate our attraction to see whether the other person will return it to us. Mostly, we flirt because it’s fun and because we can. It makes us feel good.

We flirt to flatter others, but mostly, to flatter our egos. Also, sometimes we might not even realize that we’re flirting.

Jeffrey Hall and Chong Xing from the University of Kansas showed, in a 2015 study, that there are five main styles of flirting. In examining personal flirting tendencies, they discovered that everyone has a flirting fingerprint or a special manner of showing romantic interest.”

So, here are the fice different ways of flirting:

1. The Playful Flirt

The most flirtatious people usually flirt playfully. A playful flirt truly enjoys the act of flirting with others and views it as a game. Even when they are in a relationship, they might flirt with strangers just for fun, without meaning to cheat. Sometimes these people don’t even realize they’re flirting. Flirtation to them is natural, casual, and very pleasant.

2. The Polite Flirt

On the other hand, the polite flirt might not openly convey any romantic intention at all. On the contrary, they will remain formal and polite – sometimes even distant – despite their level of interest. They most probably won’t tease or initiate physical contact. They are the masters of playing it cool but a bit shy underneath.

3. The Sincere Flirt

The sincere flirt refers to a very skilled conversationalist. These people are excellent listeners because they genuinely care to get to know other people along with their feelings and thoughts. The sincere flirt deeply enjoys the time spent getting to know a new person and discover what makes them tick. In the study, sincere flirts were discovered to be unlikely to tease, although very likely to employ meaningful and direct eye contact.

4. The Traditional Flirt

This type of person is remarkably self-aware in their flirting. They see it as a game and respect the set of rules and etiquette. The traditional flirt believes that the man should make the first move, particularly when it comes to physicality. That means that traditional women will probably show their interest using verbal teasing, while traditional men might lean in closely and initiate casual physical contact.

5. The Physical Flirt

This person flirts by touching others and using body language. When they’re attracted to someone, they tend towards an open stance and are likely to smile and nod a lot. The physical flirt usually touches the person with whom they’re flirting, even if they do it subtly. A physical flirt is less likely to give verbal compliments.

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