7 Calorie Torching Exercise Moves That Burns Stomach Fat

If you’re all about burning stomach fat and toning it to get a flat stomach — Heck, even a nice set of abs… This is the post for you.

Belly Fats are generally not bad as it’s advantageous in protecting the organs and bones. One should have a small of belly… Stomach fat, however having much belly fat can be detrimental to one’s health.

There are two types of belly fat – visceral, which accumulates around the abdominal organs, and subcutaneous, which occurs between the skin and abdominal wall.

Belly fat develops during the teen and adult years; fat and belly fat most especially can be developed through family genes especially if one of the parents has a fat composed gene.

Stress also increases the chances of belly fat due to the increase of cortisol in the body during this period.


Over-eating and a sedentary lifestyle can also lead to the chances of developing belly fat.


Most women also develop belly fat after child-birth; hence the need to cut down on the fat, while some experience theirs  during menopause due to the increase in the male hormone.

However you can burn stomach fat and tone it to your taste by diligently doing these simple exercises.

1. Swimming

Swimming is one of the exercises you can practice routinely to burn belly fat as an aerobic exercise. It burns body fat, burns calories, and tones the muscles.

swimming exerciseBefore getting started, engage in some warm-up exercises for increase in blood circulation around the body, you can do these in the water or before entering the water.


Swimming as a cardio exercise, burns fat and fasten weight loss as well as tone the body.


Spend at least 30minute swimming once or twice weekly, if possible take a break for warmup exercises in between if you cannot swim for that long.

Your consistency, and constant movement when swimming as well as the resistance to water that aids the burning of fat.

Try out different strenuous and up-tempo strokes like the butterfly, breast stroke, and freestyle stroke.

2. Cycling

Cycling is a great low impact cardio exercise that helps in shedding belly fat by burning calories.

cycling exercise

Cycling not only burns belly fat, but also strengthens abdominal muscles. Combining strength training with aerobic exercise increases the calorie burn.

Before hopping on the bicycle, perform some warm-up bicycle exercises.

  • Lie on your back with hands behind your head.
  • Raise knees to your chest while lifting head and shoulders off the ground.
  • Bring the right elbow to your left knee and straighten the right leg.
  • Switch sides – bring the left elbow to your right knee and straighten the left leg.
  • Continue switching sides to simulate a pedalling motion.
  • Breathing should be relaxed and even.
  • Repeat this, at a controlled speed, in sets of 20 with 30 seconds rest.

3. Running

Cardio is one of the most effective ways to burn calories and shed unwanted excess flab from your body.

running exercises

Running, Jogging, Brisk walking on a regular basis doesn’t only shed overall body fat and belly, but also helps in the reduction of stress and improves the Lungs efficiency.

Fats shrinks by regularly practicing cardio exercises with Running proving a faster way to shed belly fat.


Stretch before and after running for better speed, flexibility, and blood circulation.


Ensure you have a track suit, and fitting and comfortable track shoes before engaging in running.

4. Slide (Rolling) Plank Exercise

Doing this exercise trims the muscles around the abdomen, hip, and lower back which proves excellent in burning belly fat.

Rolling side plank fat burning exercise move
Image: Fitwirr

The result doesn’t only enhances your posture, but also tones your body. Here’s how to do it properly:

  • Position yourself on the floor with your knees and elbows resting on the ground.
  • Keep your neck aligned with your spine in a forward position
  • Lift the knees up and support your legs on the toes.
  • Contract your knees and keep breathing normally.
  • Stay in this plank posture for 30 seconds.
  • Now, start moving to and fro for the next 30 seconds.

Do this for as long as you can.

5. Crunches

Crunches are one of the best stomach toning exercise out there, Heavily used to work out the abs region.

Crunches exercise
Image: Fitneass

Here’s how to do crunches right:

  • Lie down flat on a mat with your knees bent and feet on the ground. Alternatively, you can also lift your legs off the floor at a 90-degree angle.
  • Lift your hands and place them behind your head.
  • Inhale deeply, and as you lift your upper torso off the floor, exhale.
  • Inhale again as you get back down, and exhale as you come up.
  • Do this for 10 times as a beginner.
  • Repeat another two to three sets.

You don’t enter a full siting position when doing crunches, however, you only raise your backs a few inches from the ground.

6. Twist Crunches

Once you get used to the regular crunches, modify the basic crunch to get an even more effective tummy exercise.

Twist crunches

Here’s how to do it right;

  • Lie down on the floor with your hands behind your head.
  • Bend your knees as you would do in crunches, keeping your feet on the floor.
  • You have to lift your upper torso while performing crunches. But, in twist crunches, you have to lift just your right shoulder towards the left, keeping the left side of your torso on the ground.

Again alternately, lift your left shoulder towards the right, keeping the right side of your torso on the ground. More on this exercise on YouTube.

7. Vertical Leg Crunch

When it comes to crushing stomach fat and toning it the vertical leg crunch works great and is similar to a regular crunch.

Vertical leg crunch
Image: Verywell.com

But it requires you to keep your legs straight, which makes the abs work harder and increases the workout’s intensity. Here’s how to get it right:

  • Lie down with hands behind your head.
  • Put your legs straight up with knees crossed.
  • Flex abs to lift head and shoulders off the floor.
  • Lay back down.
  • Keep legs extended in the air the whole time.
  • Exhale when you flex; inhale when you lay back down.
  • Do 1-3 sets with 12-16 repetitions.

More on the vertical leg crunch.

These seven exercises will help you cut your stomach fat as long as you keep practicing them.

There are also other effective exercises like the plank move that works up your stomach and prep you for the crazy abs! Start practicing these and lets know how it goes for you


Source : thefitpins.com

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