The Aleutian Islands – Adventurous Destination Between Russia and the USA


The Aleutian Islands, USA, Russia. This is truly a very unusual and unique place on Earth! 14 big and 55 small volcanic islands are sprawled across the northern part of the Pacific Ocean between Alaska and Kamchatka, occupying a vast area of 17 666 km² (6 821 sq mi). There are 57 volcanoes that are part of the Ring of Fire – an active seismic area.

Scientists believe that this belt of islands served as a bridge for the first American settlers. Today over 8 000 people live on the islands. The main income comes from fishing, since the environment is not suitable for agriculture. Also the U.S. military present on the islands contributes to the economy as well.

Why to go there?

This is a place for an adventurous traveler to go once in a lifetime! There are museums, that provide an insight into the history of this recluse community – there are 9 000 years old archeological findings, that prove humans lived here for that long. Besides the unspoiled nature provides an unforgettable experience and numerous outdoor activities – from hiking, kayaking and bird as well as wildlife watching to skiing and even surfing.

When to go there?

The oceanic climate is humid and the temperatures are moderate. One can go all year round – summers are warm and winters are not too cold.

How to get there?

By the Alaska Marine Highway from Alaska. Also there is an air and a ferry service from USA.

Lead photo by Chris Burkard


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Aleutian-Photo by aleutianliving

Photo by aleutianliving


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Aleutian-Photo by Ken Wilson

Photo by Ken Wilson

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