Artist Proves That Everything Can Be An Art Object

Bright Side prepared this selection to show that imagination has no limits.

1. Can’t afford a jacuzzi? No problemo, just check the local junkyard.

2. Hello, it’s me.

3. Hopefully, you drained the gas first.

4. We are not sure about the rules, but it looks like fun.


5. Police chicks, no comments needed

6. That is simply brilliant.

7. A touch of color

8. You can never have too much green.

9. Test for people with a fear of heights

10. That’s so cool, I wish we had it on our street.

11. Tennis with adrenaline

12. He should be a city council architect.

13. Just an idea for your neighborhood

14. No idea what it is, but it looks fun.

15. Set a police car on fire and don’t get into trouble.

16. When you want to get more fit, but have no time to go to the gym:

17. Rainbow car park


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