Best Reasons Why Even A Woman Who Loves You Madly Might Leave You Forever


10. She Gives and Never Gets

A relationship is a two-way street. In other words, each of you has to want to be there and has to be giving. You may not each give the same amount all the time, but you can’t always take and take and take and never give in return. If you do, she won’t want to stay around.

9. You Have Too Many Demands

“I really wish you were in a good mood”, “Make sure you go to the gym”, “You probably shouldn’t eat that”, “Why can’t you just get along with my friends?”, “You really should read the news instead of that newsstand fluff”, “You should learn to cook something different” –  Any of this sound familiar? If you are demanding too much, your requirements could push her away.

8. She Feels Like You’re Looking At Other Women

You didn’t cheat. That’s great. But, you looked at another woman when she walked by. It’s not always about the physical act of cheating. Roaming eyes will make a woman feel like you aren’t dedicated to her either.

7. Your Control and Trust Issues Are Tiresome

She has to ask you to spend time with her gal pals. She has to text you while she is out with them. She has to check in with you regularly. Can we talk about how overbearing this is? If you are suspicious of everything she does on social media and in real life and if you expect her to report everything to you, she is not going to be happy. If you don’t trust her – you shouldn’t be with her in the first place.

6. You Don’t Seem Very Reliable

A woman needs to know she can depend on you. She could be the most independent woman in the world, but when she needs you, she needs you. This is especially true during certain times in her life like she just had a baby. If you don’t make her feel like she can lean on you when she needs to, then she may be gone.
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