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Here’s Why Finnish Schools Are The Best In The World

14. Everything is free. © depositphotos Finnish education is free. And all the other stuff is free too, including lunches, excursions, and school supplies. If pupils live more than 2 km away from school, a special school bus will transport...

For Real Actors Young Age Is Not A Problem!

For Real Actors Young Age Is Not A Problem!

Nemo / Jared Leto We doubt we’ll ever see Jared like this because he apparently knows the secret of eternal youth. They say he didn’t like the silicone mask he had to wear for the role, but the role itself was...


20 Awesome Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Moviemaking

  © Bad Robot Background actors make most movie and TV scenes complete and more realistic. You’ll see them talk in a quick and nonchalant manner. But what you see as “talking” is simply mouth-opening with no sounds. Every sound made...