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10 Incredibly Delicious Cake Recipes

This giant chocolate chip-wich is the new ice cream cake. Get the recipe HERE  This Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake is perfect for any special occasion! With a fudgy brownie base and THREE layers of...


15 Habits That Can Lift Your Spirits

Drink coffee (not too much, though). They don’t call it “Central Perk” for nothing. As a central nervous system stimulant, caffeine doesn’t just boost alertness, it can also improve your mood. Several studies have...


100 People Live In Cave Village In China

Zhongdong Miao Village is situated in the mountains of Anshun in the Guizhou province of southwest China. The village is situated inside the cave at 1800 meters (almost 6000 ft) above sea level and...


7 Recipes For Party

Sweet Potato Bites with Avocado and Bacon HOISIN ASIAN MEATBALLS AVOCADO HUMMUS TAQUITOS Deep Dish Pizza Cupcakes Sweet potato skins Cucumber Wrapped, Feta Stuffed Meatballs Watermelon Tapas


10 Movie Mistakes

‘Groundhog Day’ (1993) When the same things happen over and over again in a film, you’re bound to get something wrong. In this scene, when Bill Murray’s character Phil comes around the corner, you...


7 Delicious Kebab Recipes To Make This Summer

Grilled Chilean Beef Skewers  HERE Coconut Honey Lime Filipino Chicken Kebabs  HERE Steak Taco Kebabs  HERE Grilled Tandoori Chicken Skewers  HERE Wild Salmon Skewers HERE Grilled Jerk Chicken And Peach Skewers  HERE Hawaiian BBQ Skewers HERE


15 Beautiful Wrestler Girls

Major Gunns Misfits In Action was a terrible stable made primarily of puns so bad they ruined careers. Still, it was almost worth it, if only because it introduced the world to Major Gunns....


10 Best Recipes Will Come In Handy When You Go Camping

Double dutch pancake HERE. Campfire bacon HERE. Cheesy dutch oven potatoes HERE. Campfire mushrooms HERE. Foil-wrapped pasta with goat cheese and tomatoes HERE. Campfire chicken with roasted Brussels sprouts, potatoes and dill HERE. Fire-roasted salmon with lemon and herbs HERE. Dutch...


Top 20 The Best Beers Around The Globe

  20. Stigbergets Gbg Beer Week 2016 (Stigbergets Bryggeri) This IPA from Stigbergets Bryggeri out of Göteborg, Sweden, is fruity and fresh with citrus aromas and juicy hops to taste, with a balanced bitter finish. 19. Thicket (Side...