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What You Should Do If You Ever Meet the Queen

9. What should you wear to the meeting? Opt for formal clothing — those with neutral tones and modest designs. This includes a choice of clothes that don’t overshadow The Queen’s outfit. Bright colors, unnecessary skin-showing or anything offbeat...


Unexpected Things That Happened to People After They Lost Weight Fast

I don’t know if you’d call each one surprising on its own but in total, they combined to be a massive quality of life improvement. I slept better, breathed better, my mood improved, my pain lessened. My knees stopped hurting, I could actually get up from sitting on the...


12 Tall People Who Amazed the World

Leonid Stadnyk: 8 ft 5 in (257 cm) Stadnyk began to grow intensely after a brain surgery he had when he was 13. A gland tumor caused a hyper-secretion of growth hormones. He refused to be measured and never showed interest in being in the Guinness Book of World Records. His height...