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Moments They Will Remember Forever

“I just finished a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. Here are all my notes, assignments, and tests from both my graduate and under-grad degrees.” 1 “My mom and dad recently celebrated their...


Top Vegan Foods That Build Lean Muscle

  Vegan Protein Powder Obviously, one of the best options is to use vegan protein powder, specifically one that contains hemp if possible since it’s incredibly easy to digest and full of protein. Sprouted brown...

Glazed prunes on a nest of salad greens

4 Ways to Make Your Stomach and Bowels Work Like a Charm

Bright Side put together a list of foods that you can add to your diet and a few other ways you can say goodbye to constipation. Alleviating constipation Water Constipation occurs due to dehydration in the colon. Keeping the body properly hydrated...


10 Foods and Drinks That Can Get Rid of Water Retention

Bright Side suggests incorporating the following 10 items into your diet which will act as a natural diuretic and help you get rid of water retention. Cucumber Cucumbers are high in water content and contain nutrients that help in flushing out...


The Rogozen Thracian Treasure

The Rogozen Treasure consists of 165 receptacles, including 108 phiales, 54 jugs and 3 goblets. They have a combined total weight of more than 20 kg making it the largest Ancient Thracian treasure ever found.

Movie Mistakes That Were Very Hard To Find

20 Movie Mistakes That Were Very Hard To Find

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, 2001 1 If you look carefully, there are leftover tracks from car tires on the road of the Village of Hobbits. However, it was only Gandalf who passed on this road. Could...


Why You Can’t Sleep at Night and How to Get Rid of Insomnia

1. Multiple sclerosis Scientists from the University of California conducted a study that showed a connection between multiple sclerosis and insomnia. There were 2,300 people with multiple sclerosis and 70% of them had a sleep disorder. Along with feeling tired (a distinctive...