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The Internet Is Full Of Terrifying Mysteries

GhostNet In 2009, a secret cyber-hacking operation was uncovered in China, that infected 103 countries with an elaborate phishing scam. Once the computers were infected, the hackers could turn on video cameras and microphones...


Rare Photos That You Will Hardly See in History Books

31. Maternity hospital employees are showing a happy father his newborn triplets, New York, 1946. 30. A boy riding a man wearing the costume of a demon for a Krampus parade, Austria,1954. © alexantonovici / imgur 29. A couple from the...


5 Signs That Your Diet Is Harming Your Health

Bright Side has decided to find out why our eating patterns can cause depression. Here are 5 signs indicating that your diet is affecting your health and mood. 5. Menstrual problems © Depositphotos   © Depositphotos This sign indicates one...