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How To Make Monster McPizza

Aiden Carberry, 26, and Warren Markham, 27, are the gurus behind this monster dish. According to them, all you need are 10 McDonald’s Double Cheeseburgers, 500g of mozzarella, one tube of tomato paste and...


How To Make Pizza Fries!

Step 1 : Roll out the Pie Crusts. Spread the bottom crust with the Marinara Step 2: Add the Pepperoni and  cheese Step 3 : Put on the top crust and brush on the Olive Oil, Parmesan Cheese, and...


If You Love Nacho See This 7 Recipes

BBQ Brisket Nachos Recipe HERE Amazing Breakfast Nachos Recipe HERE Butternut Squash Nachos Recipe HERE Irish Tater Nachos Recipe HERE   Nachos with Grilled Corn Recipe HERE Chipolte Chicken Nachos Recipe HERE Skillet Nachos...