Couple Found An Old Can In The Ground. It’s Content Changed Their Lives


In 2013 a married couple from northern California made a huge discovery while walking their dog. The unnamed couple were just outside on their property walking their dog when they found an old can which was buried in the shade of a big tree. They didn’t expect this discovery would change their lives this dramatically.

The Can Was Filled With 1,427 Gold Coins All In A Mint Condition


This Can Didn’t Look Really Spectacular In The First Place

But It’s Content Was Life Changing

All Coins Are Dating From 1847 To 1894found-gold-coins-in-california-luxemodo-3The Face Value Of The Coins Is “Only” About $27,000…found-gold-coins-in-california-luxemodo-4…However Experts Say They Could Be Worth About $1 Million Per Coin!

What A Pleasant Surprise Waiting In Your Own Garden
found-gold-coins-in-california-luxemodo-6The Original Owner Must Have Buried The Coins 150 Years Ago…found-gold-coins-in-california-luxemodo-7… Saving Some Money For A Rainy Dayfound-gold-coins-in-california-luxemodo-8The Married Couple Which Found Gold Coins In California Said They Don’t Want The Millions Of Dollars Change Them.

Their Lives However Will Certainly Be Different After The Discovery.

found-gold-coins-in-california-luxemodo-9The coins were stacked up perfectly in the cans and are so precious because of their good condition. So if you’re walking your dog the next time pay close attention to what might be buried beneath your feet. It could be worth millions of dollars although most things you’ll find most probably aren’t worth anything.

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