Cuddling Facts To Increase Your Cuddling Knowledge

Young woman sitting on man's lap, embracing, Havana, Cuba

Young woman sitting on man’s lap, embracing, Havana, Cuba

1. There Is No Right Length Of Time To Get The Benefits

Cuddling for a few minutes can be just as satisfying as cuddling for hours on a lazy Sunday. You don’t need to make cuddling a strict procedure that has to be done at a certain time in a certain way on a certain day. Cuddle when you feel like it, and you will still get all of the benefits that we know about cuddling.

However, that said, if you don’t cuddle at all, then you are not going to get the benefits, and you don’t want to miss out on the benefits. The proven benefits of cuddling include more overall happiness in life, reduced stress, lower blood pressure, improved sleep, strengthened immune system, and a relief from pain, to name just a few. Therefore, if you do not have a person to cuddle in your life, make sure you find some time to cuddle an animal whenever you can. The benefits are still there!

As an extra note, it seems that animals need to be cuddled too. They do it with their mother, their siblings, and with their owners if they let them. Without the close contact, they can get depressed and feel stressed out. So, while there is no length of time to cuddle your pet for the benefits either, please make sure you at least take some time to do it!

2. Cuddling Your Partner Can Help Improve Your Sex Life

If you are not in the mood for sex, and you haven’t been in the mood for a while, try some sensual cuddling. When you cuddle, dopamine is released, and that is a hormone that can help increase sexual desire. And, when you add the element of physical touch felt from head to toe, in an embrace that feels an awful lot like being sexual, it can increase the desire to have sex in both of you. That desire can lead to the act of sex, or at the very least, the desire to have sex sometime soon.

You don’t have to face each other to get the benefits of cuddling for an improved sex life. Get into a spoon position and let your bodies’ line up perfectly as they are totally capable of doing. You can also face each other and wrap your legs around each other like you used to do when you were making out. Instead of kissing, though, enjoy the sensation of your partner’s breath on your head, chest, or face. Let yourself be mindful and present with your partner and enjoy the feeling of being close to them, without thoughts, judgments, anger, or other negative emotions. You may find your bodies rocking in an intimate rhythm that is extremely arousing.

3. Cuddling With Your Ex Won’t Solve Things

As powerful as cuddling is for two people in love, it doesn’t seem to be as powerful for people who have fallen out of love. Even though cuddling does release hormones that make you feel good and increase your sexual desire, it’s not going to be a magic tool to win back your ex if those lovey-dovey feelings aren’t there anymore.

There is a great video from BuzzFeed where exes cuddle again for the first time in years. In the video, you can tell that they are feeling awkward about the situation and are kind of annoyed with each other. In the end, it’s obvious that the cuddle session was more awkward and annoying than it was something that was drawing them back together.

I was listening to a professional cuddler talk – one of those people that you can cuddle at a cuddle cafe (see below), and she said that a good cuddler is one that is full of unconditional love and shows affection to human beings. Perhaps this is why cuddling with your ex is such a bad idea! You don’t feel the unconditional love; instead, you feel all the tension from the things that went wrong. And you don’t feel like showing them affection, especially if they hurt you in some way.

4. Some People Don’t Like Cuddling And Some People Even Dread It

Even though we know that all babies enjoy being cuddled by their mothers and other people, as it helps in the bonding process and makes them feel safe, not all adults seem to like cuddling. Some people find it too hot. Some people find it annoying and a disruption of their space. Some people find it too much of an emotional connection. And some people find it downright terrifying.

For example, some people have a fear of touching or being touched, called Haphephobia. The chances of being in a relationship with someone who has this fear is slim since they would not like to have you in their space at all, and usually the fear includes the fear of sexual assault.

While I can’t find an actual name for the fear of cuddling, I have found people online who talk about their fear of cuddling. Some people have mentioned their inability to breathe while being cuddled while others have mentioned their intense desire get away from the cuddling altogether.

So, if someone you want to cuddle doesn’t want to cuddle you back, don’t take offense. It just may not be their thing.

5. If You Are Struggling With The Fear Of Death, Cuddling Could Help

Not all phobias are made worse by cuddling. In fact, a series of studies published in Psychological Science found that touching an inanimate object can have a huge influence over existential fears, such as fear of death. This includes cuddling a teddy bear. The researchers believed that touch in this way could help to treat low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety.

Perhaps this is why we grab onto something when we are scared. It doesn’t matter if it is a person, animal, or a tree, we tend to reach out and hold onto something until the fear goes away. We seem to need the comfort of something else to help us get out of our mind and feel better.

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