Interesting Facts About Some Cool Movies From 90s


A Kid in King Arthur’s Court

Kate Winslet was reportedly told to lose weight for her role as Princess Sarah, and she came back sick because of it.

PS, yes, that is Daniel Craig standing next to her.


Little Giants

Devon Sawa was 15 during filming and much taller than his 10 year old castmates so he can be seen wearing only socks in some scenes.


This movie was inspired by an early 1990s McDonald’s ad about Pee-Wee Football that ran during the Super Bowl. The day after it aired, Steven Spielberg liked it so much that he called up the ad’s creator, James Ferguson, and hired him to write the script for what became “Little Giants.”


Camp Nowhere

This is Jessica Alba’s film debut, and she was initially hired as a two-week extra with no lines. Later, she had to fill in for a principal character and received her first on-screen credit.


The Witches

After a test screening, Roald Dahl angrily expressed to the producers how “appalled” he was at “the vulgarity, the bad taste” and “actual terror” in certain parts of the film. Dahl demanded his name and the title be removed from the film prior to release, but after receiving an apologetic, complimentary letter from Jim Henson, Dahl grudgingly withdrew his threat.


Drop Dead Fred

Robin Williams was offered the role of Drop Dead Fred, but instead chose to play Peter Banning in the Steven Spielberg film Hook. That was a good move, seeing as critics hated the film, some even going as far as calling it “the worst movie of 1991.”



This was Robin Williams’ first role in an animated film.


The “FernGully” forest depicted in the film was actually based on Australia’s rainforests. The cartoonists who worked on the film spent time in the real rainforests to help inspire their drawings.


The Pagemaster

The film took almost 3 1/2 years to complete.

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