Obese Mum Shrunk To Almost Half Her Size After She Quit Drinking Coffee


Lorraine O’Loughlin, 28, an obese mum-of-three who weighed 120 kg lost 43 kg after she quit drinking coffee 15 times a day. She picked up this bad habit after she fell into depression and stopped leaving the house almost completely. She had this unhealthy routine where she skipped meals in the day and then binged on chips and chocolate at night. And as she had an insomnia, she found a solution to help her go through the day – 15 cups of coffee with three sugars each.


But after she dropped 7 dress sizes, she doesn’t need coffee anymore nor does she miss it. Her life has completely changed after slimming down. Lorraine said, “Everything’s different now I’ve lost the weight, I was so shy beforehand and never even wanted to leave the house. I’d always make up excuses to my kids as to why we couldn’t go out and play but now we’re down the park all of the time.”
Her transformation is simply amazing check it out.






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