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Many Things We Know About Space Are Just Wrong

Astronauts are weightless in orbit Source: Well, sort of. The only reason you see them floating around in the space shuttle is because the shuttle is actually in free fall with the astronauts...


Popular Cities That Can Be Dangerous for Tourists

Bright Side decided to tell you about these cities. We should note that there are far more dangerous places in the world, but tourists prefer to steer clear of them. We want to tell you surprising facts about very popular places. Barcelona,...


15 Facts About Luxurious Life in Dubai That Turned Out to Be False

Bright Side collected 15 of the most widespread fake images of the UAE. 15. Dubai is the capital of billionaires. There are about 5,000 US dollar billionaires in the world, and only about 20 of them live in Dubai (as well as many “shy” millionaires). In fact, the world capital...