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Vintage Exercise Machines From The First Gym

Dr. Gustav Zander, a Swedish physician known for inventing mechanotherapy, which was defined in 1890 as “the employment of mechanical means for the cure of disease.” Zander exhibited his exercise machines at the 1876...


How To Make Killer Homemade Sandwich

All the ingredients Bacon…obviously Hollow out the loaf Oven Roasted Turkey Mayo Shaved black forest ham Salami Bread layer Mustard Crispy bacon Cheddar cheese Tomatos Lettuce Bread topper Wrapped Weighted More 


Everyone Asks For This Popcorn Recipes

Circus Animal Popcorn Recipe HERE Oreo Cookie Popcorn Recipe HERE Cookie Monster Popcorn Recipe HERE Copycat Disneyland Main Street Caramel Chocolate Popcorn Recipe HERE Cotton Candy Popcorn Recipe HERE Birthday Cake Popcorn Recipe HERE...


Monday In The Kitchen: I Want This Tortilla Pizza NOW

Ingredients 2 large flour tortillas Pizza sauce Mozzarella cheese Additional pizza toppings 1.) Put a tortilla in a skillet and cover it with pizza sauce and cheese. Put another tortilla on top. seriouseats 2.) Flip...