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Stunning Blonde Who Loves Fishing In Bikini

Stunning Blonde Who Loves Fishing (photos)

27-year-old Michelle Clavatte from Coral Springs, Florida, USA, wants to encourage women to go fishing. She conquered tons of followers on Instagram thanks to her impressive catches and of course, to her smoking body...


16 Amazing Nature Photos That Are Out Of This World

The Three Sisters, dormant volcanoes in Oregon, USA Fly Geyser, Nevada, USA Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia The Wave canyon, Arizona, USA Antarctica A beach in the Alentejo, Portugal Abraham Lake, Alberta, Canada Rainbow mountains in Zhangye Danxia National...


How To Make Low Carb Chicken Soup

INGREDIENTS 4 cups chicken broth 1 lb chicken breasts, chopped or shredded 1 cup celery, chopped 1 cup yellow squash, chopped 2 cups zucchini, chopped 1 cup onions, chopped ½ cup green beans, chopped...


How To Make Low Carb Chili

INGREDIENTS 1.25 lb ground beef 8oz tomato paste 1½ tomatoes, chopped 1 red bell pepper, chopped 2/4 cup onion, chopped 2 celery sticks, chopped 1½ teaspoons cumin 1½ teaspoon chili powder ½ teaspoon pepper...


How To Make Easy Chicken Parmesan Wraps

These Easy Chicken Parmesan Wraps are a super-fast 15-minute meal! You can even make them completely ahead – and they’re freezable, too! Perfect for grab-n-go eating on the run! All the cheesy, saucy, comforting flavors of your...


How To Make Creamy Spinach Tortellini

This 5-ingredient Creamy Spinach Tortellini makes a quick and tasty dinner that all the family will love!  Ingredients 1 20 oz. package Three Cheese Tortellini (or your favorite kind) 1 8 oz. package cream cheese...


How To Make Mini Rolo Cheesecakes

These Mini Rolo Cheesecakes are full of chocolate and caramel and are super easy to make! They are sure to be a big hit! INGREDIENTS: CRUST 1 cup (134g) oreo crumbs 2 tbsp (27g)...


Quick Morning Yoga Sequence

Quick Morning Yoga Sequence [educational infographic] | Come to Clarkston Hot Yoga in Clarkston, MI for all of your Yoga and fitness needs!  


21 Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Can Change Your Life

Apple cider vinegar (or ACV for short) is known as a superfood with incredible healing properties!  For centuries, people have been using vinegar as a natural remedy to fight off infections, treat fevers and...