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Things Not To Do On Your Online Dating Profile

Negative “I can’t wait to meet someone negative!” — said nobody ever. If your profile screams Negative Nancy or Ned, you may want to look into finding a therapist before a hot date. Nobody...


101 Ways to Boost Your Mood Immediately

Stand up. Walk a dog. Stretching exercises. Breathing exercises. Talk to a friend. Journal feelings. Listen to music. Think. Wrap in a warm blanket. Sip warm tea. Eat a favorite food. Light a candle....


Homemade Croissants

Making Croissants is one of those life skills (important or not) that makes you feel really good about yourself once you master. Like knowing how to drive stick shift (in heels, nonetheless), jumpstart a...


Crusty Bread Recipe

No Knead Dutch Oven Crusty Bread – no kneading required, 4 simple ingredients, baked in a Dutch Oven! The result is simple perfection, hands down the best bread you’ll ever eat! Simply mix the...


Nutella Chocolate Cake Recipe

This Nutella Chocolate Cake is a delicious combination of an incredibly moist chocolate cake and a sweet, delicious Nutella icing, all covered in chocolate ganache. Delish! Recipe HERE


No Bake Oreo Cheesecake

his No Bake Oreo Cheesecake is easy, fast, foolproof and filled with Oreos!! It’s the perfect summer recipe! Recipe HERE


Chocolate Chip Greek Yogurt Pancakes Recipe

These chocolate chip pancakes make a perfect light and healthy breakfast and have extra protein from the Greek yogurt!  The full recipe will make about 14 pancakes, but you can easily half the recipe to make enough...


Olive, Bacon and Cheese Bread Recipe

This delicious bread would make a good party appetizer too. Serve this olive, bacon, ham and cheese quick bread with few crisp salad leaves. No cooking skills required. Easy to do! Recipe HERE