Photographers Capture the Unique Beauty of Albino People

1. Sleepy snowflake: beautiful and fragile

2. Albino people have to protect their skin from direct sunlight.

3. Eyes of albino people are very sensitive.

4. Albinism is closely connected to eye problems.

5. Albinos can even become blind.

6. In many African countries, albino people are killed because of their skin color.

7. In some African countries, an albino child is believed to bring good luck to the family…

8. …while in others they are considered a symbol of black witchcraft.

9. In some cases, the child could be killed by local magic practitioners.

10. If unprotected from the sun, albinos are unlikely to live more than 40 years.

11. And they risk being feared for their looks all around the world.

12. Different societies can push them out for being different.

13. Luckily, the situation is slowly changing.

14. Nowadays, albino people are attracting the fashion world.

15. Photographers from all over the world are mesmerized by their beauty.

16. Albinos are starring in various advertisements and fashion shows.

17. Albinos also take part in social photo projects.

18. With these photos, they hope to show that regardless of pigmentation, we all deserve to live.

19. We all have the right to love.

20. And we all want to be happy.

21. Because basically, we are all the same.

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