Pissed-off mom blasts her daughter’s prom dress designer for this $300 atrocity


Are we crazy, or does prom seem like a much bigger deal now than it ever was? With things like “promposals” and intricate prom entrances flooding our news feeds, we can’t help but reminisce about simpler times when your prom preparations were pretty much limited to chipping in for a limo and praying that no one else is wearing the same dress you picked out at the mall.

When high school student Malexa Maeweather couldn’t find a dress she loved for her prom, she decided to pay a local designer $300 to make her a custom gown. Getting a one-of-a-kind creation is definitely a cool move, but after laying eyes on the dress for the first time the night before prom, she instantly knew that she made a huge mistake.




What IS that? The dress looks like the innards of a down blanket exploded all over this poor girl! From afar, it looks like Maeweather is covered with globs of shaving cream. Wait, are those pins holding that skirt on?! Not good. Not good at all.

Maeweather’s mother Dee Lewis, an aesthetician from Rochester, NY, was so (understandably) upset with her daughter’s gown that she called out the dress’s designer Kia Wagner in a scathing Facebook post.

“My daughter was devastated and crying when she saw this dress. For a $100 deposit, Kia told my daughter that she would make her something nice with material she already owned and that she wanted to ‘play around with the design.’ Malexa didn’t know anything about what the dress would look like.”

Lewis told Yahoo News that Wagner refused to refund her deposit, adding “She didn’t offer any reimbursement as a professional courtesy.”

Luckily, all was not lost. The day of the prom, Maeweather and her mother joined forces to repurpose a friend’s daughter’s old prom dress for the big day.

Alls well that ends well— unless you are the designer responsible for that atrocity. She probably won’t be getting any more custom orders any time soon.

Source: someecards.com

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