A ride in the Orient Express train… in Lima, Peru!


Orient Express Restobar (Photo: Isabel Guerra)

¿Ever dreamed of having a ride on the Orient Express train? It’s not too late: you can do it here in Lima… well, obviously this is not exactly the famous luxury train, but a small and cozy theme bar located in Miraflores, a charming place entirely decorated to resemble one of the Orient Express wagons.

Lima peru pisco sour

Pisco sour Photo: Isabel Guerra)

But Orient Express Restobar is more than that: it’s also a kind of pisco sour temple. Its current bartender, Karol Miguel, won the Best Pisco Sour contest at the famous Mistura 2011 Food Fair. This was a real achievement; not only this is a very challenging and though competition that reunites the best bartenders in Peru, but is usually won by men. Besides, Karol is only 25 years old.

Don’t let the bartender’s young age fool you: she has spent many years working at some of the best restaurants in Lima. And as a curious contrast, the bar itself is almost 80 years old. Karol took charge of this place almost three years ago “and we had a lot of very hard work restoring its original decorations”, she recalls.

Well, the nice results are easily visible: once you hop in this wagon, pardon, this bar, you will feel like transported to the original Orient Express former glory days. The only concession to modern times are the flat TV screen and the credit card POS terminal machines.

Lima peru pisco sour

(Photo: Isabel Guerra)

But let’s go straight to the point: the pisco sour. As you probably have been told by your Peruvian friends, this is the national flagship drink, and nowadays its fame trascends Peru’s borders. Karol won the contest with the same recipe she uses for her customers: 3-1-1, which means 3oz of pisco, 1oz of syrup and 1oz of lime juice, as the main ingredients.

But don’t ask us to reveal Karol’s bartender secrets. The best option is going to Orient Express bar and trying one of her awarded pisco sours: take a seat at one of those big and classy upholstered seats and start your Peruvian pisco trip.

Drinks need appetizers, and there’s some very good ones here. You may want to try the Tequeños (fried wonton pasta, stuffed) or the Alitas en salsa barbacoa (fried chicken wings in BBQ sauce), and there’s also a good selection of great fusion dishes like the Lomo Saltado, Fetuccini in Huancaina sauce, or international classics like Pappardelle, etc.

Lima peru pisco sour

Pisco Sour and Fried Wings in BBQ Sauce (Photo: Isabel Guerra)

In addition to pisco sour, there’s also many other popular international drinks here, so you can come several times to have a different experience each. And you’re lucky enough you may get to see the resident ghost –a friendly one, that reportedly a few guests have seen sitting down at one of the tables.


ADRESS: Pasaje El Suche. Alcanfores 463, int. E-4, Miraflores.
PHONE: 01 447-7684.
OPEN HOURS: Mon-Thu 8pm-11pm  / Fri-Sun 8pm-3am

Lima peru pisco sour

Bar entrance at Pasaje El Suche (Photo: Isabel Guerra)

Source: nileguide.com

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