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Capri is a rocky island off the shores of the southern Italian region of Campania.

The Isle of Capri is famed as a classy and beautiful holiday destination. It’s an island of myths, ranging through sirens charming seafarers, ancient Roman orgies, dreamy seaviews, 1950s celebrities in big sunglasses, and lazy summer evenings spent browsing in exclusive boutiques alongside the world’s elite.

The Emperor Augustus took a fancy to it, and swapped it for his island of Ischia, and his successor Tiberius made it his home when Rome became too hot to hold him. By all accounts he had a good time on Capri; if his Roman biographers are to be believed, he got up to all sorts of scandalous behaviour on the beautiful island. You can still visit the ruins of his villas, and appreciate the spell that charmed the Emperors.

In 1826 the Grotta Azzurra was ‘discovered’ by a German tourist, the poet August Kopisch, and gradually the island became established as a desirable holiday haunt for artists, writers, royalty and celebrities, a status it still holds today.

There are two towns on Capri; Capri town itself, which is in the centre of the island, and is where most of the hotels are located, and Anacapri.

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Marina Grande, Capri, Italy





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