Unexpected Things That Happened to People After They Lost Weight Fast


I don’t know if you’d call each one surprising on its own but in total, they combined to be a massive quality of life improvement. I slept better, breathed better, my mood improved, my pain lessened. My knees stopped hurting, I could actually get up from sitting on the floor without rolling on my side and I could just stand. My depression went away, my anxiety went away, my social phobias went away, the muscle cramps in my upper back went away, I stopped wearing through the crotches and underarms of all my clothing in short order and lost the chafing that went along with that. I can now withstand bumps without bruising so much, small scratches and mosquito bites don’t bleed forever, and I catch a cold once every few years instead of twice a year. Perhaps the biggest surprise was the amount of pain I suddenly WASN’T in, just from moving around. That’s the best. @vacawonder

When sitting on hard chairs or benches, I could feel my vertebrae touching whatever I was sitting on. This was very weird to get used to. Also I get cold very easily. @WellAckshully

In June 2018 at the doctor’s office, I weighed 263 lbs without clothes. This past Thursday, at the doctor’s office, I weighed 211 lbs without clothes. I guess what surprised me the most is that I really can’t see where I lost all that weight. @JenkemJoe

Going from eating greasy fast food to mostly fruits and vegetables means that you don’t use half a roll of toilet paper when using a bathroom. Shopping for clothes is soooooo much easier now. @Somgr81



I found bones and muscles I didn’t know I had (didn’t realize my ankle was a tiny bone, instead of this huge fleshy thing). Friends used to tell me, “You’re not that fat! You look 140!” I was 260 lbs, but I had never been skinny so I had no reason to not believe them, just assuming normal women must have been 100-120 lbs maximum. I can’t even pick up how much weight I’ve lost and carry it around, I have no idea how I used to walk, and I noticed I no longer sweat like I used to. I’d have to get to class 5-15 minutes early so I could wipe myself down in the bathroom with wet towels and hope that the shoulder and back stains from my backpack would dry up before anyone noticed. I no longer worry about hugging people; still not a hugger per-se, but it doesn’t make me feel like Godzilla or some kind of sweaty pig. You asked for the one unexpected change, sorry I went off on a ramble. @Rondellmole429

Someone showing romantic interest doesn’t mean their intentions are good. Since I had zero experience until I was an adult, I had to learn the hard way, via being used and abused multiple times, what behavior was acceptable, what was unacceptable, and when to pull the plug on a relationship. @DJSparksalot


How easy it was to lose weight once I accepted the fact that I’m a food addict/binge eater and therefore calorie counting just needs to always be part of my life. Although the biggest surprise was how sabotaging, mean, and in denial almost all people in my life are regarding food. I subscribe to the “your body, your business” school of thought and was shocked at the amount of times I was accused of having a restrictive eating disorder when I was still well over 200 lbs, eating 1800 calories a day, losing less than 30 lbs a year. Of course when I put on 110 lbs over the course of 2 years no one said a thing. @Isitoveryetsir

My best friend just lost a ton of weight after a year of hard work. There was a guy at our university who treated her so badly when she was overweight. He one time told her he didn’t talk to “fat chicks.” He wasn’t even that thin himself. She didn’t see him for a year and then we ran into him on campus a year later. She was 100 pounds thinner. He was all over her. He was telling her she was beautiful and he always liked her but was too afraid to tell her, and asked her on a date. I almost spit out my milk and when she responded with, “Sorry, I don’t talk to fat guys.” @Maizybear


Credits: brightside.me

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